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Chair Beds

Welcome to the UK’s favorite chair bed website. We make buying chair beds easy and simple by collecting all the best of them together in one website, we find the latest chair beds from stores such as John Lewis, Furniture 123 and many more and let you compare the prices and find the right one for you. Chair beds are great as they are two things in one… a chair and a bed which means you can save space by not having to have a bed in a room as well as making use of the chair itself. To view the latest and most popular chair bed products available click the images below to be taken through to the best chair beds on offer.

Popular Chair Beds

popular chair beds
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Bed Chairs are a great investment as the more you pay the longer they will last and the more comfortable they will be to both sit on as well as to sleep on. Just think the difference a regular sofa feels like to sit on when you compare a cheap one to a more expensive one. The quality really does increase with the price. We know that you can be on a budget too and that’s why we also list many budget chairs which are also great value to sit on. If you have any questions in relation to these beds then feel free to get in touch and we will help you as much as we can. Be it from which chair bed to choose or to what sizes they come in.